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Drum Books by Alain Rieder

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Time Manipulation

Groove-oriented drumming method
  • serious, innovative, fun and progressive.
  • from the most basic to the most advanced rhythmic concepts.
  • allows you to develop your own creativity.
For drummers of most levels:
  • advanced
  • intermediate
  • beginner (with the help of a teacher)
Printed version : 35 € + shipping
eBook Version : $14.99
  • 140 pages.
  • Sixty-eight 16-bar groove exercises.
  • 147 examples with mp3 audio files to download.
  • Dozens of cymbal ostinatos.
  • Thousands of possible rhythmic combinations.

More info and examples

The reviews published in the international trade press are unanimously positive. This one was published in Modern Drummer Magazine - USA - in March 2019:
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What they say about it!

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    I find that Alain's book "Time Manipulation" can help in many different areas such as reading, coordinated independence and phrasing. Used as a tool in a complete organized practice routine, I recommend it.
     Dave Weckl
  • account_circle
    Masterfully written by an author willing to share the message of contemporary groove playing, in the most direct way possible.
    Alain Gozzo, Batteur Magazine
  • account_circle
    It is a very well thought-out book. I really liked the examples of beats you used. It seems to give an immediate result without sounding technically overbearing. Great work!
     Joey Baron
  • account_circle
    I know this method, it's a masterpiece!
    A. C. (lu sur FaceBook)
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    Do not hesitate, that's great work, very well presented as much on the form as on the content, I highly recommend it.
    "Wren" - on French forum
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    Alain Rieder has carefully assembled and designed this collection of beats (with various accompanying ostinatos), and it's suitable for drummers of most every level. As an adjunct to a musical course of study, I can recommend it.
    Peter Erskine
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    When I immersed myself in the pages written by Alain Rieder, I quickly realized that the book was worthy of the greatest interest.
    Alain Gozzo, Batteur Magazine
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    A great book which you can use for a lifetime! I am happy that Alain published a new edition of the book, adding some new stuff to work on. The updated book is a must have for every drummer and will give you much fun and improvement!
    Stephan Koler, Italy
  • account_circle
    Fun, inspiring, and educational.
    Modern Drummer Magazine (USA), 2019
  • account_circle
    The material is sophisticated, precise, highly informative and very musical.
    Drums & Percussion Magazine (D), 2019
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